CX Fashion Workshop

At CX Fashion Workshop, each meticulously crafted item by CYA comes to life. Our small but dedicated team operates in a round-set production approach, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and equality in the workplace. We believe in empowering women, with 80% of our workforce being female, prioritizing their well-being through work-life balance and fair compensation.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, CYA maximizes the use of materials, minimizing pre-production waste. Any waste generated is carefully sorted and sent to recycling facilities, ensuring a circular approach to our production process. Additionally, we utilize fabric scraps to create accessories, both in-house and in collaboration with local artisans, further reducing waste and supporting the local community.

Choosing CYA means not only embracing thoughtfully designed clothing but also actively participating in a positive impact on the environment. Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable fashion industry, where craftsmanship, collaboration, and conscious choices intersect at CX Fashion Workshop.